Published and Upcoming Works


The Second Bell – Adult Slavic-folklore-inspired fantasy about a striga and her mother, out from Angry Robot Books, March 2021

The Bone Roots – Adult Slavic-folklore-inspired stand-alone fantasy about two mothers trying to protect their children. Only one of them can be successful, and only one of them knows why. Out from Angry Robot Books in October 2023

The Wind Child – Slavic-folklore-inspired children’s book about the granddaughter of the God of Winter Winds, who sets out on a quest to bring her father back from the dead, out (UK) from Uclan Publishing

The Storm Child – the second part of The Wind Child duology. It follows Mara and Torniv as they strive to protect each other from Koschei the Deathless, whose soul they stole. Out (UK) May 2023 from Uclan Publishing.

Short Stories:

Pinocchio – published by Odd Magazine, December 2020

Before I Was Human – published by Bewildering Stories, 2015


“To My Daughter By The Riverside” – published by Odd Magazine, April 2021


“Where Are All of the Mothers in Fantasy Fiction?” – Published by Den of Geek, March 2021

“Orthodoxy As An Outcast’s Comfort” – Published by SFBooks Reviews

The Big Idea: Gabriela Houston” – Published on John Scalzi blog

“Writing Through the Microscope: Intimate Versus Epic Narration” – Published by Literary Hub, March 2021

“Slavic Folklore: The Heart of an Incomplete World” – Published by Uncanny, March 2021

“The Second Bell and A Language of My Own” – Published by Women Writers, Women’s Books, January 2021

“The Hidden Side of Darkness: The Second Bell and The Monsters of Slavic Folklore” – Published by Bibliosanctum,

Danger and Beauty in Polish Landscape and Slavic Folklore – Published by TripFiction